What is a T Visa?

In October 2000, Congress created T nonimmigrant status (often referred to as the “T Visa”) to combat human trafficking and to provide immigration relief for those who are trafficked into the United States.

The T Visa is a type of humanitarian immigration relief allowing survivors of human trafficking and their immediate family members to remain and work temporarily in the United States.

The T Visa also creates a path to a green card.

Benefits of applying for a T Visa?

T Visa benefits include: Four years of lawful immigration status; Four years of employment authorization; The opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residency if the T visa holder meets certain criteria; Federal refugee benefits, including cash assistance, food stamps, and job training; Public benefits in some states; and the ability to petition for T visas for certain family members in the United States or abroad.

For applicants over 21 years old, derivatives can include spouses and children.
For applicants under 21 years of age, derivatives can include spouses, children, parents, and unmarried siblings less than 18 years old.
For applicants of any age, if there is present danger to family members due to the trafficking or the survivor’s cooperation with law enforcement, derivatives can include parents and unmarried siblings under 18 years old, as well as adult or minor children of derivatives.

Who Is Eligible for a T Visa?
A T visa is a form of immigration relief available to an applicant who can show that s/he:
Is a survivor of a severe form of trafficking or attempted trafficking; trafficking includes both labor trafficking and sex trafficking;
Is physically present in the United States or at a port of entry (i.e. border) on account of the trafficking.

The applicant must have remained in the United States since the most recent act of trafficking;

Has complied with any reasonable request for assistance in investigating or prosecuting the trafficking (if eighteen years of age or older); and

Is at risk of suffering extreme hardship upon removal from the United States.