March 2, 2023

javier p.

I really don’t know how to thank Nita Kundanmal and her team, I arrived in this country illegally in 2005, my first appointment with Nita in 2016, from which she told me which one I was going to do my process i-130, i-601 and then leave to my country to finish my green card process… I don’t deny that the price I thought was high but really (you get what you pay for) every dollar you spent was worth it… all that hard process Nov 2016 to 2018 …. everything was faster at that time …. 2021 after 3 years with my green card I went back to Nita to submit my naturalization (n-400) everything was easy and fast for me I come back and repeat every dollar was worth it .. in March 2022 I was finally able to become a us citizen thanks to God and Nita, without her it would not have been possible Thank you .. my family and I am more than grateful that you helped me get out of the shadows that an undocumented immigrant lives Att: Francisco fajardo