Nonimmigrant Visa Lawyer in Hackensack here to Help You Choose the Best Visa for Your Needs.

What is a Nonimmigrant Visa?

United States visa programs are just as varied and different as the people that apply for them and are not just meant for people that want Lawful Permanent Residence either. Whether you would like to acquire a temporary visa for travel or you are a crew member for an international airline, an immigration lawyer can help you find the right Nonimmigrant Visa for your unique situation.

Who Qualifies for a Nonimmigrant Visa?

There are many other visa categories for specific situations besides family, humanitarian, and employment visas. These are listed below.

Nonimmigrant Visas may require approval through United States through the Department of State, Department of Labor (DOL), Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS), or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). An experienced immigration lawyer will guide you towards the appropriate party to process your application.

Nonimmigrant Visas can include any of the following:

  • A Visa: Diplomats or foreign government officials
  • A-2 Visa: Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S.
  • B-1 Visa: Business visitors or amateur or professional athletes competing for prize money
  • B-2 Visa: Visitor for tourism, vacation, or medical treatment
  • C Visa: Transiting the U.S.
  • CW-I Visa: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands transitional workers
  • D Visa: Crewmembers on sea vessels or international airlines
  • DV Visa: Diversity visa for immigrants from countries with low rates of immigration to the
    United States
  • E Visa: Treaty trader or investor
  • F Visa: Academic student
  • G1-G5 Visa: Employees of designated international organizations
  • H-2A/B Visa: Temporary workers
  • H-3 Visa: Training in a program not primarily for employment
  • I Visa: Media and journalists
  • J Visa: Physician, professor, scholar, teacher, or au pair (exchange visitor)
  • K Visa: Fiancé(e) to marry a U.S. Citizen & live in U.S.
  • M Visa: Non-academic or vocational studies
  • NATO Visa: Employees of NATO
  • NATO1-NATO6 Visa: Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S.
  • M Visa: Vocational student
  • O Visa: Foreign national with extraordinary abilities in science, arts, education, business
    or athletics
  • P Visa: Performing athlete, artist, or entertainer
  • Q Visa: International cultural exchange visitor
  • R Visa: Religious worker
  • SB-1 Visa: Returning residents
  • TN Visa: NAFTA professional worker from Mexico or Canada
  • V Visa: Nonimmigrant visa for spouse and children of LPR

What if My Application is Denied?

While the vast majority of United States visa applications are approved, some may end up denied by a United States consular officer. If a visa denial happens, the officer will often cite the policy that makes the applicant ineligible, explain that the applicant has applied for the wrong visa type, or explains that the application lacks vital information that would be needed to accept it. The reviewing consular officer may also inform you if your case is eligible for a review. With any visa or adjustment of status rejection, it’s very important to read the notice you receive carefully; this is what will tell you if you are eligible for an appeal, or if you must appear for a hearing before an immigration judge.

Unfortunately, any money that was paid as a visa processing fee is non-refundable and cannot be regained. If you choose to resubmit a visa application instead of appealing a rejection, it is treated as a new application and you must pay the processing fee again. As such, having an immigration lawyer to help you prepare for a visa application can help mitigate the risk of being denied, and can help you with the appeals process if you are eligible for one.

Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me with a Nonimmigrant Visa?

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